Victorian Interior Pixel Art

I’ve been making some pixel art lately for a project that at least for now I’m keeping kind of hush-hush.

Interior designing is actually really fun. The Victorian aesthetic is quite detailed though and takes a lot of time (like the wallpaper on the side walls). Working in the pixel art style certainly makes production more efficient, and also makes stuff look kind of cute. If I were making these in my usual fully painted style, I’d probably be spending like 20 hours per room @_@ But then the game would look incredible in a different way — it’d just take forever and ever.

As you can probably tell, I took some artistic freedoms with the perspective. I couldn’t exactly connect the depth perspective lines to the corners of the image while conforming to the actual 1-point perspective lines coming from the center of each canvas I was working with, so it may look a bit wonky. But at least it’s kind of subtle, I guess.

I also wouldn’t consider myself a pixel artist, I just mostly chose this aesthetic because it’s more efficient and it seems to be in style in the indie game development scene these days.

Happy Sunday! πŸ˜€

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Gif Animation Dump

Here are a bunch of GIFs I compiled from animation demos I did during a bunch of private animation lessons I gave to students. Some of these are from 2016. To be clear, all of these were drawn/animated by me. I’ll make a post featuring just student animations one of these days πŸ˜€

(yeah if you can’t tell already I have an obsession with eating bowls of noodles)


I actually did most of my animation lessons through Pencil2D, but that program is pretty buggy so it gets weird when I try to load and/or export some files. I usually tell my students to download Pencil2D because it’s free and very simple. The more reliable programs were ToonBoom and Adobe Animate (duh). I also don’t save every single animation I make during these demos. As you can imagine, I do a lot of walk cycle demos, so I wouldn’t save all of those.

With one student, we did a bunch of studies on video game animations. Here a few based off of Fire Emblem:

Here’s Kirby:

With another student, we did a whole lot of My Little Pony-style studies:

(this next one looks like it has the head of a duck looking up at the sky >_>):

With the same student, we did a couple from Avatar/Legend of Korra:
One from Pokemon:
And now we’re exploring a tiny DeviantArt craze, Pacapillars. It was truly interesting learning about how Deviant Artists are so willing to put down anywhere between a few bucks to a few hundredΒ dollars just for “ownership” of unique Pacapillar designs (Seriously, people auction them off for real money!)

In the above animation, my student and I couldn’t stop giggling over how when the pacapillar’s head is upside down, the head looks kind of like a dancing/melting Kirby.


Kids are playing video games and watching cartoons all the time these days, so it’s pretty easy to make these lessons full of fun and giggles πŸ™‚

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Quick Silhouette Character Concepts/Designs

I just finished a quick and very fun character designing gig with my most recent client, Orion McClelland.

To be honest, I had no clue about this kind of process to character designing until recent years. I’ve never created character silhouettes like this either — at least, not this exact process — but times like these make me feel thankful for all that figure drawing and doodling I’ve pretty much been doing all my life. I guess I do kind of create these sorts of sketches for all my illustrations, just not in such quick succession. This character line-up type process has actually been most effective for coming up with the best ideas though, in my experience.

Each individual character silhouette took me an average of 10 minutes to sketch and render. I designed and drafted for a total of 4 different characters.

Thank you so much for having me on such an enjoyable project, Orion! πŸ˜€

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Taiwanese Pork Chop Rice Painting

Pai Gu Fan, probably my favorite dish my mom used to take me out to eat. I really just wanted to get this painting finished, and present it as her birthday gift tomorrow. Happy Early Birthday, Mom πŸ™‚

White rice, pork chop, pickled mustard greens, minced pork sauce and soy sauce eggs. I think I had the most difficulty with the mustard greens. Food is really interesting to paint because it has a variety of behaviors defined by different sizes, shapes, specularity, colors and color behavior. I mean, that can sort of be said for most other things with texture but with food, the goal is not only likeness but also making sure it looks appetizing. Meat is also kind of tricky to paint — the patterns and grain (like grain of wood) and making sure it doesn’t look too dry, but also not sopping wet or something like that.

The days of good affordable vat meat can’t come soon enough πŸ˜₯

Here’s a detail shot from the full size image:

Happy drooling!

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Pho Painting

I took an unfinished piece from a year ago and finished it today. I think it took a total of 5 hours.

Citrus wedges are weird to paint — but I guess I somehow managed to pull it off, it looks okay from far away. I also spent a lot of time trying to make the soup look more like pho and less like watered-down soy sauce.

I haven’t had actual pho in a long time because, in case you don’t know, I’m vegetarian. My mom used to take me to Vietnamese restaurants a lot when I was little, and we would have pho very often. Since I became vegetarian, the best pho I’ve had was from Saigon Shack in Manhattan. When I had their fake meat, it was pretty obvious to me where they probably got it. I’ve eaten the exact fake meat many times, but I really enjoyed the rest of the noodle soup — especially the soup base.

I want to go to West Village more. It’s one of my favorite parts of Manhattan for all the good foods and cool stuff to do there. πŸ™‚

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Opal Columns concept art

I took some more time on a new personal illustration I just completed:

Like, basically treated the background like it mattered as much as the figure itself. I was going to do a more detailed backdrop, but it felt super cramped and I felt like opening up the environment more. I looked at Peter Mohrbacher’s work again, this time mostly for his clouds. They can be a bit tough.

I went with basically the same set of triad colors, but with blue/purple dominating more this time.
Here’s a close-up shot:

Getting the shading just right on the face is really hard for me if I want things to be smooth.
And here’s some wallpaper from this pic if you want. Let me know if you’d like me to resize it to fit your device.

Oh yeah, just coincidence — Happy Father’s Day πŸ˜›

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Strawberry Sage

I just felt like making a cutesie shiny magical character. I played with the lighting and what I deem to be the internet’s favorite girlish triad colors.

Here are the progress shots:

I feel like I spent an inordinate amount of time on her knee πŸ˜›

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