RPG Adventure Pixel Art Mock Screenie

Here’s a piece I did for my brother’s Youtube channel. I actually have to edit it because the banner can’t be cropped anywhere other than from the center of the image, which I find super annoying. *shrug* But whatever, I’ll just get back into this piece and make some adjustments so we don’t just have the girl’s butt centered 😛


In case you might ask, this is just an image I illustrated that’s meant to look like a screenshot of a real game — but it’s not a real game 😛 I wanted to combine the game genres of RPG and point-and-click adventure games. Perhaps those are my favorite genres? I also tried to play around with an isometric angle, in retro-looking pixel art style.

Here’s an earlier work in progress:


The statue is supposed to be a reference to the statues you may see in the Seiken Densetsu series (Secret/Legend of Mana). The characters I ended up illustrating may resemble other characters already featured in existing video games. Also, I sort of came up with a point-and-click-adventure-esque puzzle just in this shot alone. Given the conundrum the character seems to be in, the items in the inventory and any other clues in the image, what could be a possible solution? It may also be a bit easter egg-ish if you know what those statues do in the Seiken Densetsu series.

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Pilot Episode Scene Animatic

I illustrated the images to this animatic for an animated sitcom being pitched as an Adult Swim show written by my old client, Jonathan Katz. It’s called Bloodworth, and unfortunately I think the website is down at the moment. But you can check out the old character designs and artwork I’ve done for him.

The script for the pilot at least is complete (it’s more than just this scene), and I’ve read it before. I think it’s really funny, and it’s a show I’d actually watch 😛

Check out the animatic:

I hope this show gets fully animated and really popular some day!

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It’s that time of year again (almost Halloween!). I just kind of quickly whipped together a new promo poster for the game I worked on last year, Monstr, at Rosstin‘s request.


The update will be available for Halloween 😀 As of right now it’s available on iOS.


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Basic GIMP Tutorial

At the request of one of the Youtube users who watched one of my previous tutorial vids, I made this video.

I hope this is useful! :D!

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Huntress in the Forest Illustration

I’m long overdue for another illustration of some hot chick for the year.


I drew the line work for this character alongside some designs for some other characters I drafted. Perhaps I’ll fully illustrate those too. Here are some in progress shots:


And close-ups to scale (click on the images for full zoom):09212016_close_01 09212016_close_02

Now I’ve got to get back to actual work now >_>

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Liberty City Anime Con Dinnersaurus report


I feel like this crowd was a bit more receptive to Dinnersaurus, though I did have 3 days of tabling instead of 2 or 1 like at the last 2 cons I went to. There weren’t nearly as many little kids, and the age groups seemed to be more somewhere in the middle, mostly between middle schoolers to college students.

I discovered from one of the artists’ tables another method of going about plush dolls. I could just do 2D prints of the dinosaurs, cut out their silhouettes, sew another piece of fabric to the back of them in the shape of their silhouettes and stuff them. For now this seems like a much more viable option. I definitely think the Dinnersaurus table needs something soft and cuddly!


People also asked about the video game, wondering if they could buy it in the app store. Some day we will! But for now it is mostly a crowd magnet for our table during conventions. It’s so funny how people get so offended when Baby Dino throws out the steaks they try to feed him and then give up trying 😛 Don’t take it personally, he’s just a baby dino and you can always try again and again!

In case you haven’t seen the game or forgot, here’s an old video of it that I’ve posted in the past:

I had people play it on my Cintiq Companion 2 at the con, on the touch screen. Probably easier and quicker than touch pad or mouse.

As for what I think is the most important thing for Dinnersaurus in general — the books themselves! Aaahhh! I definitely need to put in at least some hours every single week into these pages and work towards finishing the second book. Now I’m giving myself a deadline: MoCCA Fest. I hope I can get a table there, and people have been recommending that convention to me and it does certainly look like Dinnersaurus would fit in much better there, and the artists’ work there look really cool!
Deadlines tend to make me push myself harder. Some day perhaps we’ll see Baby Dino finally get a bath?

Thank you all for your continued support of Dinnersaurus Rex!

20160819_143318 20160820_101547

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Dinnersaurus at Liberty City Anime Con in NYC!

Dinnersaurus Rex is coming to Liberty City Anime Con in NYC from the 19th-21st!

Since it’s so expensive for me to even get access to a power outlet at the con, I’ll only probably have the video game up for people to play on Sunday to maximize the magnetic force of the Dinnersaurus table. I will be tabling at the Artist Alley. I’m not sure at which table yet, it looks like first come first serve.

I have no idea what to expect from this con — it’s a completely different demographic than the previous 2 cons I went to, which were more focused on superhero-based comics (and this will be for 3 days). At an anime con, however, the demographic is much more open to “kawaii” stuff. But I’m sure I’ll be competing against tons of other kawaii stuff. I’m not trying to sell Dinnersaurus as an anime thing exactly, but more of as an original brand made up of a series of original artwork to be featured in an artist alley.

*shrug* Mamasaurus and Sweetie Dino both have anime-esque eyes, does that count? And the bunny too.

Anyway, basically the only new thing I got for this upcoming con is this huge fleece blanket:

20160812_161936 20160812_162325 20160812_162407 20160812_162505

I’m mainly going to use it as a table cloth at the con so that the lower part of it shows up in front of the table like a poster. In my experience, a matte paper poster is really stiff and curls up into itself way too much. Instead of going to sites where they specifically print custom images on felt tablecloths designed for conventions, I just printed a blanket on Zazzle because it cost much less. And it doubles as a blanket!

I will put it up for sale for twice the cost to produce and ship, but I’m not expecting anyone to buy it because if they do, I won’t have a poster hanging off my table anymore 😥 but at least I’ll have the money to just buy another printed blanket for the next con, I guess.

If you happen to be in New York City and you can get into the con, feel free to come by and buy a few Dinnersaurus books and paraphernalia! No shipping costs 😀

Wish me luck at this con!

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