Queen at Arms


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Queen at Arms is a GxB dating sim built in Ren’Py. The story is about a young girl who joins a medieval army and has to survive a terrible civil war. In order to live, you have to make tough decisions, similar to Telltale’s Walking Dead series.


Eventually you become the army’s de-facto commander, and you must manage the morale of your men and the lives of your troops in-battle.
The datable characters are the various army officers who you employ.
For example, Rubus (the tall black man with the platinum-blond hair) is an Archmagus whose magical skills can provide clever ways to bypass obstacles in battle. Lucius the Head Cleric (to the left of Rubus, the pale man with the frosted blue hair) is an expert in medical matters and can preserve the lives of your troops with the right medicine.




Rosstin Murphy : Producer, Programmer, Editor
Serenity Frost : Writer
Diana Taylor : Writer
Charlotte Fieldcamp: Writer
Nina Roussakoff: Writer
Lilin Tan : Character Artist
Meagan Trott : Background Artist
Emily So : Character Colorist, GUI, Cutscene Artist
Kamilah Williams : Map Artist