Student Animation: “Santa Cause” by Roshan

Here’s a new animation recently completed by my 14-year-old student, Roshan:

Our first class together was just over a year ago. For the first few months, our lessons consisted of some animation exercises.

He started his “Santa Cause” animation last December on his own, and then I helped him work on it once every other week for about half of this year. I think he has a very particular sense of humor that he puts into his work, and what better way to demonstrate it than in animation?

I’m so proud of Roshan because he had an awesome idea for an animation and followed through with it to the finish line. I think a one-minute animation with this much drawing is tough for anyone, and I’m so happy that he has worked this hard and long on a project like this and actually completed it. These kinds of projects usually require patience, persistence, hard work and a sense of grit to produce.

I truly had fun helping Roshan with this project. Every time I opened his updated animation file during our video calls together for our lessons, I would look at the progress he made. I’d always forget how incredibly hilarious his work is, and then I’d laugh all over again at the work he had done.

I hope you continue to make more awesome hilarious animations, it’s been so much fun working with you Roshan!

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