Inktober Entry

A student of mine suggested I do Inktober this year and I have no real reason to say “no,” so here’s at least one entry:

I meant for it to only take me half an hour… then I found myself still drawing after an hour, then I was like “this needs more contrast…” and then stopped at 1.5 hours because I need to be doing other stuff 😛

This was a pretty impulsive drawing though today’s Inktober prompt was “bait,” so I rolled with it and scribbled something together I guess.

I forget what a good influence my students actually are for me. When they put out something every week or every day, I feel inspired (or really guilty as an artist who has students who sometimes work way harder than I do lol).

Yeaaahh, I’m procrastinating on other projects right now 😛 I was totally planning on finishing this in half an hour but then I got a little OCD and was like “no no, I need to add some other stuff…”

Hooray for publishing more artwork.

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