Featured Student: Juliana

Today I’m posting about a high school student I taught earlier this year, Juliana. Initially she had little to no experience on how to use Toon Boom Harmony, a piece of software used to create animations. I taught her for about 3 months, and she was able to complete her first animated short, Creature of My Heart:

Juliana only took about a month to complete this short film from start to finish — which is incredible considering how many frames this animation has, and the length of the whole film. She picked up the software very quickly, but more than that, she fully executed a project against an extremely tight deadline. I’m also impressed by the writing of this film — its characters are well-defined, and the story has a very satisfying flow. I would describe it as an adorable romantic comedy with a Tim Burton-esque feel to it.

I want to give my most elated congratulations to Juliana for winning Best Animation at the All American High School Film Festival!

I’m so proud and excited for Juliana, and I hope that more artists, students and children will watch her film and also be truly inspired by her talent and diligence.

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