Victorian Interior Pixel Art

I’ve been making some pixel art lately for a project that at least for now I’m keeping kind of hush-hush.

Interior designing is actually really fun. The Victorian aesthetic is quite detailed though and takes a lot of time (like the wallpaper on the side walls). Working in the pixel art style certainly makes production more efficient, and also makes stuff look kind of cute. If I were making these in my usual fully painted style, I’d probably be spending like 20 hours per room @_@ But then the game would look incredible in a different way — it’d just take forever and ever.

As you can probably tell, I took some artistic freedoms with the perspective. I couldn’t exactly connect the depth perspective lines to the corners of the image while conforming to the actual 1-point perspective lines coming from the center of each canvas I was working with, so it may look a bit wonky. But at least it’s kind of subtle, I guess.

I also wouldn’t consider myself a pixel artist, I just mostly chose this aesthetic because it’s more efficient and it seems to be in style in the indie game development scene these days.

Happy Sunday! 😀

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