Gif Animation Dump

Here are a bunch of GIFs I compiled from animation demos I did during a bunch of private animation lessons I gave to students. Some of these are from 2016. To be clear, all of these were drawn/animated by me. I’ll make a post featuring just student animations one of these days 😀

(yeah if you can’t tell already I have an obsession with eating bowls of noodles)


I actually did most of my animation lessons through Pencil2D, but that program is pretty buggy so it gets weird when I try to load and/or export some files. I usually tell my students to download Pencil2D because it’s free and very simple. The more reliable programs were ToonBoom and Adobe Animate (duh). I also don’t save every single animation I make during these demos. As you can imagine, I do a lot of walk cycle demos, so I wouldn’t save all of those.

With one student, we did a bunch of studies on video game animations. Here a few based off of Fire Emblem:

Here’s Kirby:

With another student, we did a whole lot of My Little Pony-style studies:

(this next one looks like it has the head of a duck looking up at the sky >_>):

With the same student, we did a couple from Avatar/Legend of Korra:
One from Pokemon:
And now we’re exploring a tiny DeviantArt craze, Pacapillars. It was truly interesting learning about how Deviant Artists are so willing to put down anywhere between a few bucks to a few hundred dollars just for “ownership” of unique Pacapillar designs (Seriously, people auction them off for real money!)

In the above animation, my student and I couldn’t stop giggling over how when the pacapillar’s head is upside down, the head looks kind of like a dancing/melting Kirby.


Kids are playing video games and watching cartoons all the time these days, so it’s pretty easy to make these lessons full of fun and giggles 🙂

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