New Dinnersaurus Holiday Card Available


I hope it doesn’t look like Baby is barfing up his meal.

I also hope to be selling these at Winter Con in NYC, provided it doesn’t get lost in the mail while I’m trying to receive it from Zazzle.

But you don’t have to be there to get these holiday cards, you can buy them here:


At this point I don’t know if I’ll get to the plush dolls 😥 I have so much stuff to do these days. I’d still like to sell buttons with the a character on each of them. We’ll see.

Well, as you can see on this holiday card image, I sort of cheated between like a Thanksgiving dinner and a sort of Christmas card. I hope it doesn’t make anyone feel conflicted about it. People generally eat more or less the same thing during the holidays, right (Christmas in particular)?

I’m starting to over-analyze things and worry now. I’m going to stop that and get back to work on other things.

I hope you enjoy this new illustration 🙂

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