Chibi characters doodle

I guess cold shoulder tops are in these days (well, maybe not the current season but in recent years). I think even my younger students that are like 10 years old wear cold shoulder tops. They are pretty cute and comfy to wear, though.

Since my computer has been freaking out with GIMP and hasn’t been working properly with GIMP, I’ve been using Photoshop. I also feel like other people (my students) have been running into problems with GIMP lately for various reasons 😥 guess programs like Photoshop are just more widely compatible.

I’ve had a lot of pride over the years having been able to make like 99% of my best work out of GIMP because of people around me constantly poo-pooing over it. Even students would be surprised to discover that my portfolio is filled with work produced with GIMP. Whether we use GIMP or Photoshop, they’re really just tools and I’d say would only account for less than 10% of what’s required to make good work. Honed skill is the most important thing to have for higher quality work anyway.

yay for more complete artwork.

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