Art Fight attack entry

I made this illustration for Art Fight. It’s an illustration of one of my students’ characters named Zero (it looks like you can’t view her profile on Art Fight unless you have an account so I linked her DeviantArt instead):

The rules of Art Fight are basically as follows:
When you join Art Fight, you’re put onto a team. In order to score points (attacks), you must draw/illustrate a character owned by a member of the opposing team. The amount of points you get for the illustration depends on certain parameters, such as level of detail, how many characters you have in the image and whether or not it’s animated.

My student and I have learned that to optimize for points, it’s better to put in a bit more time into each illustration — most people seem to be scoring no more than like 20 points because they’re shooting for quantity over quality. I think it’s mostly because they want to draw many different characters instead of spending more time on any one of them.

The illustration shown in this post is worth 84.37 points, mostly because I put in a relatively detailed background and in full value/color. My student recently put in an attack in Art Fight worth a whopping 168.75 points! You can imagine she really worked her tail off for that piece, especially since it’s animated!

One of these days I’ll make a featured post with just her artwork in it. As you can probably tell, my students actually take an active part in motivating me 😛

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