Gif Animation Dump from Lessons

Here’s a bunch of animations I made during lessons while teaching animations students. Most of the time, I teach the same old walk cycle, jumping and hair dynamics stuff, but just a few students choose to take more than 1 class per animation.

This first one is Spike from Cowboy Bebop:

This one is an imagined scenario in my student’s original story:

This one is from the Blade Runner Short “Black Out 2022”

This one is from Animatrix’s “Detective Story” (hmm I guess I like Shinichiro Watanabe :P):

This next one I think is sort of a made-up fan animation of Gudetama:

These next two are just referenced from GIF’s of gymnasts. Animating realistic people has actually been a great way to teach some body/muscle anatomy to students who are unfamiliar with that area of drawing.

This next one was just a random thing with a cat:

Here’s Winnie the Pooh doing his thing:

We also decided to do a crossover of Simon’s Cat with Litten, the Pokemon:

And lastly, here’s a very very rough 2-frame animation I did for myself as a personal project. I’ll likely add more frames and other stuff to it later:

Basically just trying to show that I’m not dead yet and to keep this blog updated 😛

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