Emerald Harvest Cal-Mag Illustration

Here’s the latest work I did for a client, Emerald Harvest:


The final and full image is gigantic and pretty detailed — I spent over 100 hours on this illustration. Emerald Harvest takes their label artwork really seriously! The level of detail was a pretty high standard for me to work up to.

Just to avoid any confusion, as of right now this is the only illustration I’ve done for Emerald Harvest. If you look on their website and think to yourself “All this other artwork looks like Emily’s style,” I did not do any of those illustrations at all! Most of my friends have that confusion when they first see Emerald Harvest’s website. The client, Rob, found my art style to be fit for blending in with the rest of the artwork, so the similarity is by design.

Here are some of the earliest concepts of the design I did:


Here’s a bunch of progress shots, including some different versions of the tree we explored:


In this last shot there’s a border added to all the labels, which I didn’t do:


I think I adjusted the colors of the border work a bit in this shot with the green (we went through lots of different drafts!), but the final iteration had a different color the creative director chose (which I never would have thought of!):


Thanks for the fun and epic project, Rob!

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