Mumbai doodles

Here are some doodles I did while I was in Mumbai, India.


Here’s a mid-progress shot:04102017

These shots were in and around the neighborhood of Prabhadevi. 04092017

The weather was always around or above 90F during the day outside, and there was basically never a cloud in the sky. I’d giggle a little looking at the weather forecast between New York and Mumbai — Always at least like 5% chance of precipitation in NY, but 0% chance precipitation in Mumbai every day, always sunny all the time. Unless there was smog, which was probably why I had a bit of trouble trying to put in more contrast to this skyline view. Everything felt pretty bright and washed out, so a slight bit of contrast actually made a huge difference, if that makes any sense.

Interesting and fun trip, especially thanks to our very kind and generous hosts! 😀

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