New VN characters and post-Wintercon Notes

Here’s a small new line-up of characters I’ve done for a visual novel game I’m doing some graphics for:


I worked off of some very interesting character descriptions. Don’t know if I could come up with these character ideas myself. I’m excited about the game!

Anyway, the convention went alright. Though it was my first one, so I didn’t really know what to expect. The kids really loved my dinosaurs, it’s just that they’re not the ones with the money and their parents weren’t really at the convention for little kids’ stuff or something they hadn’t even heard of. The hardest thing to do was closing the deals, to get people to finally buy something from the table. The biggest response I got from my table was “Aww!! So CUTE!” from basically everybody, and the kids couldn’t stop rubber-necking at the poster that I put in the front of my table.


I guess I could understand, though. I didn’t realize there was a whole lot of competition going on and it’s not easy putting your money down for an indie artist you never heard of. The biggest hook for our table was the free candy but even then, we had to shout it out to people passing by our table. Most people were too shy to simply take candy from a bowl that had labels “FREE” taped right in front of them.


I found that the demographic that Dinnersaurus Rex seemed to appeal to most were:

  1. Younger children
  2. Younger women/teen women
  3. Anime fans
  4. Anyone who isn’t shy about saying out loud that something is cute

I’d imagine Dinnersaurus would do much better at an anime convention, but I’m just not sure if it “belongs” there? Would I be allowed to table at an anime convention?

Well, I basically put all my earnings into the next convention already, which is the Big Apple Con in Manhattan, next March.

Everyone I met at the convention was super nice, though. The artists and vendors were all respectful, and the organizers/staff were attentive and accommodating. I really want to try to do more conventions the coming year — Comic Con, maybe the Newark Comic Con, and perhaps even the Liberty City Anime Con.

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