Mr. Robot Speed Paint from Twitch TV

I started broadcasting my art-making live on Twitch TV 😀 I’ll likely post updates on when exactly I’m broadcasting on my Facebook page or Twitter or something. I’m still figuring out how to use Twitch.

I apologize for the quality of the video — this was the first time I recorded with OBS instead of Snagit. Though I’d like to take the time to figure out whether I could ensure a higher quality of video with OBS, I’ve got a whole lot of other more important things I need to be doing at the moment.


As you may be able to tell in the video, I got pretty frustrated and ended up nick-naming my painting “Rami Downey Jr.” because it’s supposed to be Rami Malek but instead it looks too much like Robert Downey Jr. to me. The paranoid expression was also a struggle for me. But *shrug* I still felt the need to paint this, because the show and this character/actor are all so awesome.

Though the reference image was lower quality, the lighting and angle of the shot is really intriguing 😀

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