Three Treasures Rice

I have not had this dish in a long time. Char siu, duck, fried egg, bok choy over rice with a side of ginger scallion sauce. Well, in place of the duck you could have sliced chicken. Also, there isn’t usually bok choy — I put it in there just to balance things out. The dish was feeling a little too greasy without it 😛


In case you didn’t know, I’ve been vegetarian for 5 years (ovo lacto, but I also do not consume seafood).


For a while I’ve been hesitant in illustrating any sort of meat or anything I wouldn’t eat myself, but then I thought “Screw it, I’m going to draw whatever I want.” This is kind of a catharsis for me. I grew up eating tons of really good Chinese food, mostly from China Town in Manhattan. I miss it a whole lot. To substitute though, sometimes I go to Buddha Bodai.

Sometimes I get these dreams where I’m eating meat and I feel extremely guilty but I keep eating, and when there are witnesses (it could be anybody… from Lena Headey to like… my cat or something…), I say out loud “Please don’t tell anybody.”

I want to uphold my own standards for the foreseeable future. The only way I’d eat meat again is if it’s lab-grown.

Some day 🙂

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