Come to the Art Exhibition in Manhattan!

If you’re in town, please come to this exhibition!

Wow! I can’t believe my work is going to be in an art exhibition (not to mention up for sale :D), in a gallery in the center of Manhattan. I’m so excited for the whole thing! People to meet, art to see, piano performance, food, and all sorts of other fun!

11150747_900439586666187_1169943779670673629_nI worked on a large digital painting in a span of a week, which is like super crazy for me 😛

05122015_full_progress patina_final_scaled

This piece will be exhibited and up for sale at the show.

None of this would have been possible without Grigory Gurevich, who helped me with this illustration throughout the process — from initial concept down to framing it for the show, and giving me this wonderful opportunity to put up my work in such a prime location in New York City! I cannot thank you enough!

I also went back to an older piece and revised, printed it and framed it for the show as well. So this will be the other piece up at the exhibition:

doodle01someday_revised_bordered_scaledSeriously though. I didn’t think I’d meet such a generous, brilliant, inspiring mentor and friend like Grigory upon moving to Jersey City and engaging with the art community. What an incredibly nice guy. Man, when people are that nice to me, it just makes me want to cry.

Well before this post gets too sappy (or you get the impulse to beat me up…)… I hope you’ll make it to the show at least on one of the days that it’s up at the gallery. I might be taking up a shift as the gallery attendant for a few hours on Saturday 🙂

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