my doodles from my art lessons

So from the start of the lesson, I ask my students what they want to draw, and most of the time they each pick a reference image to draw from during that lesson. Here are some of my drawings/doodles that I completed during the lessons as demonstrations for the student: lessondoodle06 lessondoodle05 lessondoodle04 lessondoodle03 lessondoodle02 lessondoodle01Just to be clear, none of these drawings are the student’s drawings. All of the reference images were taken off of Google Images.

I really needed to post something on my blog. I just moved from Queens, New York, to Jersey City in New Jersey! A whole week of running errands, packing and then moving and then running more errands! So exhausting @_@

I really do enjoy teaching though. I love being able to help students get to where they want to be, or at least help them get closer to achieving what they want.

Best and most simple advice I can give to all students of art/drawing: Just keep drawing!

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