Dinnersaurus Art for Sale!

First update in a while! @_@

You can now buy Dinnersaurus holiday cards here!

Here’s the original art:
SWEETIE_pg1_940 SWEETIE_pg2_940 BABY_pg1_940 BABY_pg2_940
In other news, I am now officially a private art teacher. I currently have 6 students, and I only started in like September. Well, the students kind of came in all at once in the last week or so (seriously!) I never really realized how big a demand there is out there for art education. But now that I think of it… there really is a market for art classes.
So I teach online and locally if the student is close enough to where I live. I teach:
– drawing (and general illustration)
– painting (digitally)
– portfolio preparation
– general art theory
– basic Adobe Photoshop (and GIMP if you’re interested!)
I’ll update my Hire Me page to include my tutoring services as well. 😀 whoo!
The long hiatus was because my 6-year-old Cintiq kind of broke, so I had to buy a new one and scramble to make that money back and I think I should be in the clear for now 🙂 On top of a slight influx of new clients (including students!)
Holiday season! yaaay!
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