Bath Time page 4, character dev… and new cat!

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BATH_TIME__940_pg04I also filled out a character development template from Tapastic and posted it in the forum (I don’t know why the image quality stinks when  I upload it into the forum…)


In other news,

Chris and I went out for ice cream on Saturday. We didn’t anticipate at all about bringing home a cat. But after spending like 2 hours at the pet store (about 1 hour figuring out a name for her), we brought home our newly adopted cat, Starbuck (named after Kara Thrace from Battlestar Galactica). The contesting name was Isis. Chris really wanted that name for her, and I kind of liked it myself, but it was too politically charged a name for me at the moment >_>


For the longest time Chris had been begging me to let us have a pet dog or cat. I kept saying “absolutely no dogs” because they’re so much more demanding, and “cat maybe but not now” because really, Chris just wanted the pet so he could pet it, and for ME to scoop the poo and do all the dirty work, especially since Chris is out of the apartment most of the time. But I guess I couldn’t resist this deal. She was up for adoption for like 80 bucks, but then the day we went to the pet store, they were in a rush to free up room in the store by giving her away for free, (aside from the cost of supplies we had to get her), so I felt… what’s the word? Obligated? Compelled? Coerced (by Chris!)?… Well, obligated to rescue this fine kitty.


So Chris thinks the cat would be great for me. She’d keep me company, make us happier, give us more sense of purpose in life…


But on the first weekday (work day) here at our little studio apartment, she was quite distracting. I’m amazed I got *any* work done.

So the first significant destruction of property by Starbuck:


She took out one of my keys. (This was the kind of trouble I knew we’d be getting ourselves into…) Well, technically she took out 2 keys… one of them I can’t figure out how to reattach.

This girl is SO outgoing compared to my older cat, Tori (who lives with my dad). Tori always makes her jumps and leaps successfully, and is careful, cautious and sharp. But on the other hand, it is way harder to get closer to her, as she doesn’t take well to strangers.

Starbuck? She crawled into bed with us last night (and kept KNEADING me!). The first day we had her in our home, I used my sash as a toy to play with her. When she got tired, she sat down and PANTED like a dog, with her tongue out and everything! She also chased her own tail. I don’t know if it’s just that she’s still kind of a kitten right now (7-8 months old) or it’s her personality, but I’ve never been with a cat that’s so outgoing, vocal and reckless 😛 She took out my keyboard by trying to leap onto something else but failing… so she decides to use my keyboard as a grip. I swear, this girl is like a dog trapped inside a cat’s body. Then again, we DID adopt her from a pet store called “Puppyland” 😛

But the coolest thing happened, aside from taking Starbuck home.

Chris did some house cleaning without me telling him to at all. He was completely self-motivated. He cleaned out the space underneath our bed because that’s where Starbuck had been hiding a lot. He cleaned for our new baby T_T….

So yes. We started that day with no intention of bringing home a pet anytime soon. But it happened. We left the apartment JUST for ice cream. Then we came back home with a cat.

Anyway. CAT VIDEO!!

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