first Dinnersaurus Rex story finished!

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Finishing this story is a huge deal to me because I’ve started many comics (though they were mostly fanfic) and never finished any of them. Dinnersaurus is also an original story with original characters created by myself.

I currently have 5 more stories/chapters in mind, each of them probably going to be longer than this first one (all of this of course is subject to change). Right now I’m pretty anxious about the 3rd and 4th stories… I know what their role is in the whole series, I just don’t quite know how the stories will be told. The 4th story at least is going to be kind of crucial to story 5 and 6.

My other big piece of anxiety is kind of inadvertently politicizing this whole series. By no means do I want to outright preach to my audience about any political or philosophical position. My primary goal is to create a great visual story that is memorable and that is worthy of sharing with *everyone*.

So the whole point of the Dinnersaurus series is to never tell you more about the story or more about the characters verbally. Whatever information you get on Dinneraurus should all come from the comics themselves. If you’re confused as to what’s happened in the story or how I’ve defined the characters to be, even after re-reading the comic several times, I’ve failed as a storyteller and artist.

But this I will tell you verbally (and eventually put up character sheets on the website, — the characters’ names I’ve given them. This is not to say you can’t keep the names YOU’VE given them, I’m just telling you the names I’ve given them. I actually really love how readers of Dinnersaurus have decided to name the characters and people have come up with a bunch of different ones 🙂

– The mother dino’s name is Mamasaurus.

– The well-mannered baby dino’s name is Sweetie Dino, “Sweetie” for short.

– The more voracious and primal baby dino, his brother, is named Baby Dino, “Baby” for short. He is named after Baby Sinclair from the 1991-1994 TV series, “Dinosaurs.”

– The bunny’s name is Iono Bunno. We could call him “Iono” or “Bunno” for short.

What’s interesting about the concept of telling you their names is that these names are primarily for our purpose as viewers of this comic who may talk about the characters — these names pretty much don’t serve any purpose for the characters within their own world. is not completely up to snuff, but I’ll be working on it over time rather in one huge burst. That would take up a lot of time.


The next story is going to be called “Bath Time.” In my opinion, it’s going to be even cuter and possibly a bit more emotionally charged, but in kind of a sillier way. I pretty much have it all mapped out at least in my head. I thumbnailed out the first 10 pages in my sketchbook.

Next week I will upload the cover art for “Breakfast for Dinner” and “Bath Time.”

Thank you for viewing “Dinnersaurus Rex: Breakfast for Dinner.” I hope you look forward to and enjoy my next story with our dinosaur heroes!


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