Dinnersaurus featured on The Duck Webcomics!

Wow. I’m still not finished with my first story yet. But Dinnersaurus Rex made it on the front page of The Duck Webcomics!

Here is the article they wrote on Dinnersaurus!

DRUNKDUCK_FEATURED DRUNKDUCK_FEATURED_03I really couldn’t tell if this webcomic hosting site was doing me any good because the stats page looks broken (or do I have to be a paying member or something?) and it tells me no one has viewed my comic, yet there are people faving it. *shrug*

I’m so happy!!

Oi. I need to make a separate website just for Dinnersaurus soon. That’s going to take some work, because I want to make a bunch of graphics specialized for it. Maybe I’ll make an entire weekend of it.

Thank you, supporters of Dinnersaurus! 😀


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