200+ subscribers on Tapastic, Dinnersaurus pages 19 and 20

Other pages here.

dsr_pg19 dsr_pg20So right after I uploaded Dinnersaurus on Tapastic (last Wednesday/Thursday), in the first 24 hours I got about 100 subscribers. I got on the front page for a day or so 🙂


tapastic_frontNow you’d have to scroll through “NEW & NOTEWORTHY” a bit to see it on the front page 😛 It’ll fall off soon enough.

So right now, I include the first story/book, “Breakfast for Dinner” only in the first “episode” on tapastic. Unfortunately I don’t think it counts as an update when I put in new pages to the same episode on that site, so Dinnersaurus doesn’t get put in the most recently updated category nor do the subscribers get notified. *shrug*

I guess I’ll split up the books more in the future on that particular site. For now I’ll leave the first book as one episode. I also want to make a new larger banner and I’ll need to make a legit cover for “Breakfast for Dinner.”

I had no idea Tapastic was so big @_@ I thought Smackjeeves was the largest webcomic hosting site, but it’s ranked around 11k on Alexa, whereas Tapastic is ranked around 6k. Tapastic is great, though. It’s filled with mostly subscribers and is very reader-friendly, easy to navigate and apparently most of the comics read on this site are read on a mobile device. Cross-platform = accessibility, which probably most creative people don’t get enough of.

So much to learn about the webcomic world!

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