Queen at Arms game progress

I’m helping with a visual novel game with some good ol’ friends and their friend(s). I think friends are good to have around.

so this first image here is a rough draft mock-up of stuff (not all rendered by myself), not a screenshot from the game.

Then Rosstin took a screenshot of the actual game with some of the graphics I provided:1513305_345629538909879_192448053_n

I’m only doing UI and coloring of the characters, as Lilin does the line art. So here’s the proper credits (copied and pasted from Rosstin’s website):

Rosstin Murphy: Producer, Programmer, Editor
Serenity Frost: Writer
Lilin Tan: Character Artist
Meagan Trott: Background Artist
Emily So: Colorist and GUI

Here’s the link to the game’s facebook page.

yaaaay. so excited.

I should spit out good graphics for a given game every single week. After a year I wonder how it’d turn out :O

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