Haven’t I been bad or WAT?


I haven’t been posting stuff because I’ve been working on freelance work! 8D? The other reason is because I can’t release the graphics I’ve done for my client(s) yet!

I can tell you though I’ve made 6 games in the past like 2 months. lots of animation, lots of background painting and UI design stuff. hehehhhh.

Well, I CAN show you something I’ve been working on in my own time:


framesample_2an animation based on Final Fantasy VII. I used to be a much more dedicated FFVII fan artist. I feel I must update my FFVII fanart! coz my best ones are still ones I’ve done from like aeons ago. D: shame on me.

ooooghhh! I really should just doodle on my own time a lot more.

GIMP and ToonBoom are now my two best friends.

heheh 8)


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