Old Original Character, New Concept Art

Here’s what I did:07082015_02I reached back into a piece of subject matter I used to obsess with when I was in middle school. I really worked best in the wee hours of the night, when no one was around to bug me or judge what I drew or painted. And while listening to psychedelic music. I think this is still true though.


I must emphasize *middle school,* before anyone makes any comparisons between my character design and anything else that exists in pop/TV/movie culture today *cough*
07092015The accuracy with the anatomy for each pose (where I wanted it to be accurate anyway) really got me anxious, but I took it slow and did the best I could. I looked up a lot of reference images, but very few people seem to be interested in the twisted male torso from this angle.

I experimented with colors, lighting, and I guess a bunch of other stuff, taking inspiration and my excitement from artwork that I hoard here on Pinterest.

Here’s a few progress shots:07082015_prog01 07092015_sketch

And here’s a close-up shot from one of the full-sized images:


I kind of want to make an art book with only paintings like these.

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